Tenorio Volcano National Park


Tenorio National Park

Located 30 miles west of Upala, Tenorio National Park is a mixture of cloud and rainforest that surround multiple volcanoes and their craters.  The flora and fauna from this mixed environment merge, creating a canopy that is easy to spend the day frolicking around in.  Hike up to Rio Celeste and experience the aqua blue waters of this pristine river, caused by the mineral rich volcanic rock mixing with the annual rainfall.

Tenorio National Park is the ideal spot to take a refreshing plunge and enjoy the lush scenery you find along these beautiful flowing waters.  Tenorio Volcano, with its multiple craters, and Montezuma Volcano, with her twin craters, are considered dormant with no known history of eruption.  There are marked trails that take visitors to these wonderful marvels as well as swimming holes and picnic areas along the way.  There are no accommodations or resources for food inside the park, but the ranger station has an emergency medical kit if needed. Please use our pages to find hotels close to this attraction. 

Area   31,794 acres
Max. Elevation       6,286' above sea level at volcano summit
Temperature   Average 75ºF
Precipitation   up to 200 inches annual
Location   Guanacaste Province,  North Pacific Region
Created   16 March 1976


Photo: By derivative work: Mariordo [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons