Sierpe is a small fishing village and one of the main river ports of the Osa Peninsula. The Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands are located where the Terraba and Sierpe Rivers meet forming the largest mangrove reserve left in Central America. The ecosystems along these waters hold significant opportunities for birders and fishermen to stalk their prey. This area is known to attract experienced surfers looking for uncrowded waves in Drake Bay.

There are small hotels and restaurants running along the perimeter of a small park in town, with several other accommodations offered on the road to Palmar Norte. You will find Sierpe quaint and charming with exceptionally friendly people who run the local businesses found there. The park in the center of town is one of the first hotspots where you can view the Diqui stones, perfectly shaped spheres carved out of granite by the indigenous tribes that date back to the periods of 1500 BC - 200 AD. Sierpe is an excellent choice for birdwatchers with some tours going all the way up to the remote village of Sabalo. Others travel by land or boat to the Terraba-Sierpe wetlands. This area is host to hundreds of species of birds including black hawks, tanagers and flycatchers. Sport fishing and charters to Cano Island are also available from this point and is pretty much guaranteed that you will come back with a cooler of fish since the entire area is known for it's fishing grounds. Monkeys, herons, frogs, alligators and other varieties of wildlife are active around the river mouth. Have your camera with you as you stroll along the river paths.

How to get to Sierpe

By air, you can take one of the daily flights into Palmar Norte and take a taxi to Sierpe which is 15 minutes away. Buses run into Palmar Norte from a variety of locations. You can check the local bus schedule on our site. By car, take the Pan American Highway south past Dominical towards Palmer Norte. There will be a stop sign on the highway, turn right and cross the bridge, take the first right and follow signs to Sierpe.

Main Towns / Attractions / Things to Do

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