Puerto Viejo - Information

Puerto Viejo, with it's laid back style, pristine Caribbean beaches, friendly faces, and tasty cuisine, is a stop in Caribbean heaven. You can have wild adventures, relaxing moods or a combination of both in this perfect beach setting.

Salsa Brava offers world class surfing and draws a crowd to its shores to catch those exhilarating waves. The local beachfront bars, quaint restaurants, disco's and affordable accommodations draw the young, energetic crowds to it's shores which create even livelier atmospheres in nightlife choices. Like other small beach villages across Costa Rica, the roads in Puerto Viejo are still dirt filled but give the added rustic allure for the beach seekers. With the blend of mixed cultures found in Puerto Viejo, you will have an equal blend of experiences in what it has to offer. There are some great eco lodges, surf camps and yoga retreats in and around Puerto Viejo.

Things to Do

Surf the amazing Salsa Brava waves and experience the thrill of a lifetime

Visit Cahuita National Park for wildlife and flora experiences

Visit the Talamanca Indian Reserve and learn about the indigenous tribe

Take a scuba diving tour to see shipwrecks and amazing coral reef

Kayak around the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean

Take a horseback tour and discover the amazing variety of eco systems

Take one of the many fishing charters for offshore fishing thrills


Cahuita National Park Manzanillo National Refuge
Salsa Brava Playa Negra


Photo Contribution: By Haakon S. Krohn (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons