Portero - Information

Potrero is a small beach town located on the North Pacific Region of Guanacaste Province and is considered the heart of the northern string of endless beaches that are found all through this region. With a mixture of small quaint village hotels to large luxury resorts  around Potrero, you can go from one extreme to the other with many choices.

Potrero makes a great point to lay low and enjoy the endless beaches that line this amazing coast. The weather is mostly sunny year round with temperatures in the 80's to 90's. From November to April there is little rain with cooler temperatures coming in from the northern mountains. The dry season along the coast lasts longer in this area of Costa Rica than anywhere else with less than 65 inches per year so outdoor adventures are rarely interrupted by weather. From Potrero you can easily head north onto El Coco, Panama Beach and Culebra and into the Santa Rosa National Park.


The town offers many types of accommodations and a wide variety of restaurants. There are some local beach hangouts that have been there for years, like La Perla, and have become landmarks for the town. The activities range from sport fishing, horseback riding, surfing, tours, scuba diving and golfing. The hotels and community in the area often sponsor events that are open to the public and make a great day of fun if you happen to be traveling the area during one of these occasions.


From Playa Portrero you can visit other beaches easily such as Playa Flamingo, Playa Brasillto and Play Conchal which also has a popular golf course. Playa Grande, a nesting site for giant leatherback turtles is close by and always a great way to spend the day along with snorkeling, surfing or sunbathing.

To the north you have Playa La Penca, Playa Pan deAzucar, Playa Prieta and around the point is Playa Zapotal. As you can see - this area is known for it's endless beaches and finding a private part of it to spend your day is not difficult. What is wonderful about this stretch of the beach is that you can find one with or without others around you.  Exploring them is fun and the sights are absolutely gorgeous.

How to get to Potrero

You can reach Potrero by air with Sansa Airlines servicing the Tamarindo area which is less than 30 minutes away.  Transport, taxis or rental cars are available in Tamarindo to continue on to Potrero. By car from San Jose travel north to Liberia and Portrero is approximately 45 minutes away on Highway 21. 

Some vacationing in this general area often find themselves spending the entire time in the region instead of venturing further south but however long your stay, you are bound to find a piece of the paradise Costa Rica is so well known for.