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Manuel Antonio is a very popular destination in Costa Rica and once you arrive, you understand why.  The beaches are gorgeous enough to take your breath away as you drive over the winding road and it comes into view. Lush, tropical plants surround the beach coves with a string of popular beach restaurants, souvenir shops and bars. It is quite easy to spend the whole day meandering down the beach, sunbathing and visiting some of the open markets filled with delightful souvenirs. 

Getting a tropical drink on the beach as you sunbath is no problem in Manuel Antonio, as beach waiters will slide by and ask if they can get you anything.  There is something for everyone in this heavenly sanctuary.  Add it to your private trip planner on our site so you don't miss this paradise.

Things to Do

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park with easy walking trails and meander through primary rainforest. Birding is popular in the park with over 350 species along with plenty of monkeys, coati's and iguanas. Wander down to the parks ocean boundary with a chance to play with the dolphins that visit it's shallow water often.Take a horseback tour through trails with ocean vistas, colorful birds, exotic wildlife and gorgeous waterfalls.

Take surfing lessons with a li-lingual instructor on Playa Espadilla, one of the beautiful beaches in Manuel Antonio.

If you are an avid mountain biker, there are tours that take you through a series of trails surrounding with stops at waterfalls and scenic viewing spots.

Take one of the many offshore or inland fishing charters.

Take a ferry over to the Nicoya region for the day to tour ones of it's well known islands in the gulf.


The bus system runs through Manuel Antonio from Quepos and back. For service to other destinations, stop in Quepos on your way out of Manuel Antonio. Taxis from Quepos service this area and they are commonly lined up in designated areas along the main road.


Manuel Antonio National Park



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