Cahuita National Park

Located near the town of Cahuita in the Limon Province, Cahuita National Park folds more than 55,000 marine acres into it's boundaries.  The park was created to protect the beaches, the coral reefs and the surrounding habitant and animals from the impact of high-rise resorts hotels, parking lots and golf courses that may have eventually found their way to this pristine part of the Caribbean. The good news for locals and tourists alike is Luck that as early as 1982 the Costa Rican government protected the land by making it the sight of the Cahuita National Park.

Cahuita National Park is a fabulous place to spend the whole day roaming around and is fantastic for family fun, sight seeing, bird watching and adventure of all kinds.  Snorkeling along the reefs will give sight to gorgonians, sea fans, blue stag horn coral as well as an variety of tropical fish.  The hiking trails from the Kelly Creek Station wind along parts of the park that are filled with toucans, coati, lizards, monkeys and flora.  Not to be outdone by the animals in the park, the tropical flora found here sways in the ocean breezes as if to get your attention.  Located between the Kelly Creek Station and the Puerto Vargas Station is an area designated for public swimming.  Due to unpredictable currents and protected turtle nesting sights no other public swimming areas are permitted within the park.  The beach camping area also offers restrooms, showers and picnic tables for guests use.  There are accommodations outside the park within a short distance from both park entrances.

Area  2,732 terrestrial acres - 55,200 marine acres  
Location South Pacific Region - Limon Province  
Created 27 December 1982  

National Reserves and Refuges located around Cahuita National Park include Limoncito Refuge, Aviarios Del Caribe Refuge, Manzanillo Gabdoca Refuge, and Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve.

Photo: By Christian Mehlführer, User:Chmehl (Own work) [CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons