5 'Must Visit' Restaurants in Costa Ballena

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These wings are the best in the world

Costa Ballena is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you are visiting the area you are sure to play in the ocean, swim in waterfalls, and zip line through the jungle. In order to take full advantage of your time, you are going to need to keep your stomach full, and your energy high. There are many dining options in Costa Ballena to choose from. This list of "must visit" restaurants touches on different options ranging from budget to extravagant, and from the beach front to the mountain side. We hope you Enjoy your time eating and drinking in Costa Ballena and that this list comes in handy. To see more options available in the area, take a look at our Restaurant pages.
Bar Jolly Roger - Escaleras Mountain
This "little pirate bar that could" has beat tough odds to become one of the best restaurants and bars in Costa Ballena. While most businesses rely on it's location to attract clients, The Bar Jolly Roger rests on it's personable owners, superb chicken wings, and an expansive sunset view to keep the crowds coming in night after night. The Bar Jolly Roger is located 2.5 kilometers up the "Escaleras Road" which is just across from hotel Cuna Del Angel, half way between Dominical and Uvita. The quick drive up the mountain is well worth it. The menu is basic bar food but  owner Tio Tormenta, takes pride in his food, especially the chicken wings and hamburgers. You often hear people exclaim, "this is the best burger ever"  or "these wings are the best in the world"  Bar Jolly Roger has over 20 flavors of wings, and burgers that are piled high with your favorite topping. They also offer great caesar salads tortilla pizzas and hand cut fries. If you're not in the mood for a meal, visit for drinks. The open air restaurant enjoys an excellent view over the mountains to the pacific ocean. Visit Bar Jolly Roger and tell em My Guide sent you.
Los Troncos - Uvita de Osa
This small Tico owned establishment is simply wonderful. The owner's name is Freddie. He and his family cook up all kinds of dishes and serve them with a friendly attitude and a huge smile.  I doubt you can find a friendlier staff anywhere in the world. The menu has local dishes such as casados, ceviche and chifrio as well as other favorites like chicken marsala, seafood pasta, and hamburgers. We have never had anything but great experiences. Los Troncos is located in Uvita on the main road just before you head out of town. The space is comfortable and inviting the beer is cold, and the prices provide great value. If you find yourself hungry in Costa Ballena, head to Freddies place, Los Troncos!


Tio Tormenta
The Dome Drive Thru - Uvita de Osa
When someone mentions drive thru you may conger up images of Wendy's or Mc Donalds, but trust us when we say that The Dome Drive Thru is a different animal all together. While the Dome Drive Thru does offer food on the go, they use the freshest local ingredients to make some delightful dishes. The Dome is well-known for their incredible coffee, large selection of burritos, and a smoothie called the "Solo Bueno" Conveniently located in the center of Uvita de Osa at the Dome Plaza the Dome is a favorite of tourist and locals alike. The two small two story space is always bustling with tourist trading stories, locals meeting for a drink, and business people taking a quick lunch. We suggest that you visit The Dome Drive Thru and see for yourself why it made our list of 5 Costa Ballena restaurants you must try.
Tortilla Flats - Playa Dominical
Yes, we talk about this restaurant and bar all the time. We have written articles about Tortilla Flats being the best beach bar in Costa Ballena, the best place to enjoy a sunset in Costa Ballena, having the grooviest nightlife in Costa Ballena etc. The reason we do this is because Jennifer Brummer, the little lady that runs the joint does a fantastic job at keeping things fresh and exciting, and we love giving credit where credit is do. The food at Tortillas Flats is yet another reason to visit what CNN called "One of the 50 Best Beach Bars in the World".  We fancy heading to Dominical for a bite to eat,  we always know we are in for delicious treats. The menu at Tortilla Flats is fairly large compared to the other restaurants that made this list, and they run specials each night. The locals flock there for Tuna Tuesdays. The sandwich menu has over 10 different subs to choose from. Our favorite dishes are the calamari appetizer, the chicken cordon blue and the nacho plate. There are many reasons to head to Tortilla Flats.


The Dome Drive Thru

La Palapa Restaurant at Cuna del Angel - Puerto Cito de Osa

We saved the nicest and most upscale for last. La Palapa is a one of a kind restaurant in Costa Ballena. The owner Tom Nagel is adamant about food, service, presentation and the diners experience. The staff at La Palapa Restaurant is highly trained and knowledgable about the dishes and wine served at the restaurant. You can tell when you approach your table with the hostess that La Palapa is upscale. The dining room itself is fantastic and was designed to incorporate the 4 elements, wind, water, fire and earth. The amazing tile work and attention to detail make you feel like you are in one of the worlds finest restaurants although you are deep in the jungle of Central America. The menu is packed with international flavors ranging from delicacies like escargot, smoked fish tartar, and beef carpaccio to gnocchi al pesto and more. Our advice is to save room for dessert. Mango flambe anyone?
As we mentioned the dining options are endless in Costa Ballena but these are some of the best of the best in the area.


La Palapa Restaurant