Limon Province

Limon Province is the only province of Costa Rica to lay entirely on the Caribbean coast and is unique to the others in many more ways than one.  The province primarily holds a mixed culture from the earlier settlers of Jamaican immigrants, slaves, Spaniards and indeginious tribes that give it a culture and language only seen in this province.  Primary rain forest spreads from the inland right to the sandy shore, producing swampy lagoons to the north and rising into the clouded peaks of the Talamancas to the South Caribbean Region.  Its location at the Continental Divide gives way to a moist warm climate year round with heavier rainfall in the North Caribbean Region and the highlands.

The city of Limon is the capital of the province and holds the largest shipping ports of the country.  Large amounts of banana, flora and coffee exit the country from Puerto Limon on the way to other parts of the world making the port the largest employer for the locals.  Since the city of Limon is the only major city of the province, political and regional decisions are made from the small government while many of the small districts voice their opinions only rarely.  

The North Caribbean Region is home to the jungle canals that were dredged in the 1960's to link a series of naturally occurring lagoons and river courses, permitting travel inland and to the city of Limon.  Prior to that time all travel took place in the open seas, which was dangerous and difficult, even in the short distances they needed to travel for food and supplies.  Today, these same channels provide the means to reach Tortuguero National Park and are often used as tourism increases.  The waterfowl and bird species are abundant and amazing to see as you make your way through the channels.  You will also notice immense mangroves that are common to this area rising as much as 15 meters above you.  If your plans take you through these channels, make sure to keep your camera handy as the sights are distinctive and are seen only in this area. 

The Talamanca Mountains in the South Caribbean Region provide refuge to the indigenous population of several tribes that withdrew to the higher elevations as the area became heavily colonized.  The Costa Rican government has designated large portions of the mountain area as reservations for the descendants from tribes that lived in the area several thousand years ago.  They continue to pass on their own traditions and culture, seeking no outside resources that most of us use daily.  Instead they live in harmony with the land and wildlife, with no need of modern resources to give them happiness.  There are select tours for this area that can be arranged by contacting the Talamanca Association for Ecotourism in Puerto Viejo.  These trips are not for those who are tire easily as the difficult trails and altitudes do not make for an easy sightseeing tour.

There are miles and miles of white sandy beaches with small beachside districts located all the way south to the border of Panama.  Puerto Vargas, Cahuita and Puerto Viejo are only a few of the stops you can make to enjoy great sights, dive coral reefs or just relaxing in a hammock with a cool Caribbean drink to enjoy.  National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and biological centers are located up and down the coast in either direction from the city of Limon giving many choices for daytime adventure outings.  You will notice that the people celebrate life with music, festivals, dancing and a great selection of caribbean cuisine and drink.  The festival atmosphere is contagious and a great way to spend some time in the unique Limon Province. 

Attractions located in Limon Province

Aviarios del Caribe Sloth & Wildlife Refuge Cahuita National Park
Barra Del Colorado National Refuge Gandoca - Manzanillo National Rrefuge
John H. Phipps Biological Station Tortuguero National Park


There are a variety of accommodations, tours and attractions located throughout the province so check the tabs of our web sight to plan your adventure in the Caribbean paradise of Limon Province.  When you return from your trip, use our review section of our web sight to give us your feedback on the tours, hotels and restaurants. Your experiences help those choosing Costa Rica for their future adventure make the right choices.

Photo Credits: By Lyn Gateley from Silicon Valley, CA, USA (DSC02104, Limon, Costa Rica) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons , By Lyn Gateley from Silicon Valley, CA, USA (DSC02141, Limon, Costa Rica Uploaded by AnonyLog) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons