Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a world class destination for sport fishermen. The water is warm the sun usually comes out to play, and the fish like to eat in the local waters.  In season, you can raise up to 30, 40 or even 50 billfish in a full day. Of course,  this doesn't happen all the time or else it wouldn't be called fishing. There are charters available for hire in every area of Costa Rica, but I usually take boats  out of Pez Vela marina in Quepos or Los Suenos in Herredura and have never been skunked. The fishing always seems to be good in Costa Rica. 



While most people go after sailfish with great success, I prefer to stick to the tasty fish. I love catching rooster fish, tuna, and red snapper. These edible species are abundant, fun to catch and usually closer than the billfish. The rooster fish have terrific fight in them and are great eating. Tuna is marvelous either on the dinner plate or raw with a little wasabi  while still on the boat. One of my favorite fish to raise is red snapper. I have pulled some out of the water that close to 50 pounds. Just think of a freezer filled with all those left overs or the thanks you'll get when you offer fresh fish to a local. 



Another great thing about fishing is Costa Rica is the many "honey holes" to choose from.  Most runs are under 1 hour so you can jump on the boat at 6am and be fishing by 7am. We hope you are yelling "fish on" by 7:10. 


We highly recommend Sportfishing Dominical if you in the Costa Ballena region and looking for a fishing charter.  They run a very tight ship (pun intended) and are headquartered at Cuna del Angel just a few kilometers south of Dominical. Tell them My Guide sent you.