What To Bring

We all have our favorite items that we can not travel without, or at least we don't like traveling without them. We have suggested a few things that you may need on your trip that you may not think about. 

I highly recommend a good map. National Geographic offers a great waterproof map of Costa Rica for around $15.00.  If you plan on driving around the country ask your rental car company about renting a GPS, this could save you time and stress

A good pair of tried and trusted shoes or sandals is key for all your activities in Costa Rica. Keep your feet happy and you will enjoy your trip more than if you are struggling with blisters and sore feet. 

Sunscreen and other sun protection gear such as hats and sunglasses will help shield you from the sun and keep your energy levels higher. Costa Rica is near the equator so the sun is more intense here than in most other parts of the world, so be careful. We have a saying here..."Don't Fry, Re-apply"!!!

One of Costa Rica's main drawls is the amount of water you are able to enjoy. You can swim in the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, Lake Arenal or any of the rivers and waterfalls that meander through the countryside. Keep your suit with you at all times so you can cool off whenever you choose.

Costa Rica is full of rainforest and weather moves quickly. Bring a light rain coat to keep you dry if you get stuck in a storm.

Some inexpensive hotels do not provide towels. If you are traveling on a budget you may want to pack a small quick dry towel.

Most toiletries and medicines can be found in pharmacies but some things may be more expensive. Pack all the "necessities" you are accustomed to using and the prescription medicines that you take. 

You will want to capture the sights you come across so your friends and family believe the stories you tell.  Bring a good camera, extra batteries or your charger.

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