Santa Rosa National Park


Santa Rosa National Park

The oldest known developed park in Costa Rica was established to preserve and commemorate the Battle of Santa Rosa, which took place on March 20th 1856.  This historical battle awarded Costa Ricans the victory over Nicaraguan troops and the country made the area a national park in 1972.  While history books may differ as to the reason the Costa Ricans were willing to bear arms to fight this battle, locals have handed down that William Walker, a wealthy American and slave owner, bent the ear of the Nicaraguan government to seize the land so he could take large portions of it for himself.  Few in the neighboring country expected the locals to fight for the land, but that proved to be a huge error on their part.

Once you visit this beautiful area one can at least understand why William Walker wanted it for himself and why the Costa Ricans were determined to keep it a part of their own country.  Santa Rosa National Park has recreational beaches, fields of mangroves, an immense population of wildlife and a lush tropical dry forest with an array of colorful flora. For adventure seeking surfers,  Witches Rock  is an experience you should not miss.  There are literally attractions and activities for all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.  You will not want to miss visiting Santa Rosa National Park if your travel adventure takes you to this part of the country.

Area    149 square miles
Max. Elevation        n/a
Temperature    75ºF average
Precipitation    up to 120 inches annually
Location   Guanacaste Province,   North Pacific Region
Created    1972

National Reserves and Refuges around Guanacaste National Park include Bahia Junquillal Refuge and Iguanita Refuge.

Photo Contribution by:"dog4aday" [witches rock] under this CC license