San Jose Province

San Jose Province holds many of the largest cities of Costa Rica and is the primary hub for their democratic government, focal point for political and economical activity as well as primary transportation. There are four major cities in the Central Valley Region surrounded by small cantones that spread throughout  rolling hills, mountains and volcanoes.  The terrain and altitudes of the province range drastically from deep valleys to volcano summits which allow for some amazing activities and attractions.  This terrain added to the convenience of the cities gives the visitor opportunity to see some great sights in the outer region and easily return to the city nightlife and events.  

Cantons:  San Jose,  Escazu, Desamparados, Puriscal,  Tarrazu,  Asseri, Mora,  Goicoechea, Santa Ana, Alajuelita, Vazquez, Acosta, Tibas, Moravia, Montes de Ora, Turrubares,  Dota and Curridabat.

San Jose, the largest city and capital of the country, is one of the few modern cities, is full of busy streets, bustling commerce, museums, parks, large shopping malls, universities and vibrant nightlife.  Transportation around the busy city comes through buses, taxis, private companies as well as a large selection of well known and local Rental Car companies. As in any big city there are occasional traffic jams during peak hours or road construction otherwise you easily get to your destination.  San Jose offers up first class accommodations all the way to small inexpensive rooms but it is wise to make your reservations prior to arriving.  The "Accommodations Tab"  will help you make selections based on locations and pricing.  The cuisine that can be found in the city is amazing and ranges from Thai to German and everything in between.  Modern hospitals and clinics have allowed San Jose to become a major site for medical tourism which continues to thrive as costs rise in other countries.  If your travel plans keep you in the San Jose area make sure to check out the events schedule located on our web sight  for the most up to date events taking place in San Jose.

Escazu is rising quickly as one of the biggest cities, has several embassy residences located here, including the residence of the US Ambassador and the British Ambassador. The past few years have seen a significant increase of newly arrived foreigners from North America, South America and Europe which has brought about noticable cultural changes reflected in the many businesses. There are abundant bars, restaurants and upscale accommodations especially those of the more chic and expensive variety which are also reflected in higher rents and prices found in Escazú.  You can find theaters including the only IMAX in the country, country clubs, fine dining restaurants and excellent night life.  For the avid shoppers two of the largest shopping malls of the country are also located here.

As you travel away from the larger cities the towns gradually get smaller and smaller,  holding the convenience of the city but the charm of smaller venues with less traffic. Some noteable places to enjoy picturesque scenery are San Geraldo de Dota, Santa Maria de Dota, San Isidro and Santa Ana.  Besides the cities of this province it holds some amazing mountains and volcanoes which are the attractions of the National Parks in the region. A variety of charming hotels can be found in these small towns throughout the Province.

Attractions in San Jose Province include:

Carara Biological Reserve                                    Baruilo Carillo National Park

The National Theater                                             National Museum

Costa Rican Art Museum                                      Melico Salazar Theater

Simon Bolivar Zoo                                                 The Gold Museum

The Province of San Jose holds many treats for visitors and is an easy province to get around since the highway system is well developed.  Yes, you can find anything in the mild tropical climate that the region holds except for beaches, but then, they are not far away regardless of the direction you travels take you. 

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