Puerto Jimenez

Puerto Jimenez was known as "Santo Domingo" in the eighteenth century and has long been a popular stopping point for travelers visiting the area. Today it serves tourists looking to stock up on supplies before taking off to other remote locations on the peninsula, or enter Corcovado National Park. This is an ideal place to enter the park with guides and services being offered through the Ranger Station at the edge of town, and the last one before the roads begin to decline.

You have a variety of accommodations to choose from ranging from luxury resorts to tiny cabins near the beaches. Eco Lodges are common in the area, combining their efforts to protect the wildlife and land, with those of the Costa Rican government. Illegal gold and logging efforts have primarily been shut down over the past years with the combined efforts of the community and government. This has helped to stabilize the eco systems around the gulf area which are some of the most diverse on the planet.


Puerto Jimenez offers full services with pharmacy, grocery, rental car, airport and banking available. You will find a wide variety of restaurants with cuisine ranging from local cuisine to fresh seafood and fusion. There is excellent fishing, scuba diving and hiking in the area. Tours offered in town give you many choices of private or group tours.

Things to Do

Take a sport fishing charter out to the warm gulf waters and try your hand at reeling in the big one. Interested in surfing? Take a trip over to the remote village of Cabo Matapalo and surf world class waves. Stock up on supplies and take one of the multi day trips into Corcovado National Park, hiking and traversing the terrain of this eco wonder. Enjoy repelling, kayaking or scuba diving or head to the popular lookout point at Lapa Rios for a few drinks and to watch the gorgeous sunsets.

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How to get to Puerto Jimenez

From Palmar Norte head south on the Costanera. In the town of Chacarita, there is a gas station and a few restaurants on the Costanera, go ahead and fill up here before taking a left there and heading into the Osa Peninsula and towards Puerto Jimenez. The road is paved most of the way to Puerto Jimenez.

There are daily flights from Sansa and Nature Air into the Puerto Jimenez airport. Check flight schedules here.

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