Piedras Blancas National Park

Piedras Blancas National Park - Located on the shores of Golfo Dulce near Golfito, Piedras Blancas National Park is a dense rainforest that has been the subject of dispute between local families, poachers and conservationists for some years.   In the past the areas of this remote region were so isolated that families depended on hunting for thier food source while companies from across the border came in to log the area illegally.  Conservation groups worked with the Costa Rican government and eventually won the battle.  In the early 90's it was made a part of Corcovado National Park called the Esquinas Sector, named after the river making up it northern border today.  In 1999, with consider help by conservation groups, it's more than 34,000 acres became a National Park.  

Rugged mountains dominate most of the upper eastern half of the park making way to a dense rainforest and tough terrain.  The basins of Piedras Blanco River and Esquinas River pour into the Dulce Gulf, allowing for treks with great views of cascading waterfalls, wildlife and natural flora.  While most of the larger animals seem to steer clear of visitors, puma, jaguars, ocelots and margay are in the area. Not hiding in any way are the toucans, monkeys, coatis, scarlet macaws, sloths and more. The pristine beaches of Piedras Blanco National Park are simply wonderful.  It is easy to sit on these shores and imagine that Spanish ships once pulled into the waters, came ashore and greeted the natives that once lived in the area.  If your not a day dreamer though, swimming is great and there are coral reefs just offshore that make great snorkeling adventures.  There are no accommodations inside the park however there are many choices in the Dulce Gulf area to choose from.  Our Accommodations tab will help you find the most convenient location if your adventure takes you to Piedras Blanco National Park.

Area                         34,642 acres

Location                  South Pacific Region - Puntarenas Province

Created                   17 July 1991

Protected Areas close to Piedras Blanco National Park include - RHR Bancas Refuge, Golfito National Refuge, Donald Peter Hays Refuge, and Golfito SA Forest Reserve.