People of Costa Rica

A people can best be understood by the values that they hold dear and what is consistently handed down to future generations.  97% of the natural tico population in Costa Rica consists primarily of "mestizo" or a mixture of Native Indian and Spanish bloodlines. The Afro-Caribbean population makes up about 2% of the population with their heritage stemming from the migrant laborers that arrived here in the 1870's. The Tico families have deep religious roots and Catholicism is the main belief system practiced by a very large percentage. Their value system stems from this and the deep connection to family ties. Many families share land and often have two to five homes on the properties which are handed down generation to generation.

Children are exposed to rights they have early in the school system and seem to understand that work, peace and freedom are exceptional goals to attain.  The National Anthem includes the line "let work and peace always live" leaving the impression that they value these indeed, as opposed to the typical life experienced from their Nicaragua neighbors. The largest percentage of the Tico's are friendly, polite, easy going and very hard workers. They are charming host, gracious and most often have a huge smile on their faces. They spend the majority of their free time with other family members or within the small communities that surround them, always participating in what is best for the community. Being rude or impolite is not an attribute of the Tico and very seldom will you see or hear them raise their voice. In the event rude people are around them, they seem to retreat, getting as far away as possible to the negative impact.

In summary, you will find dealing with the average Tico or Tica a breath of fresh air. If they are slow to respond to something or do not answer, it is more likely a language instance than one of personality.