Las Baulas National Park

Las Baulas National Park - OOn the beautiful beach of Playa Grande, near Tamarindo in the North Pacific Region,  you will find the entrance to the amazing Las Baulas National Park.  It supports the largest nesting grounds of leatherback sea turtles on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  These huge sea turtles have their nesting grounds protected by the park staff so only a limited number of visitors are allowed at one time to ensure nothing disrupts these pre-historic marvels.

The best time to see the nesting process is November through April but if you miss that opportunity, you can enjoy the endless beaches within the park boundaries or the outlying islands in the Gulf of Santa Elena.  There are also several local airports in the area to give additional options if you want to lengthen your stay and see other sights in the area.  Accommodations are not available inside the park, but there are many choices in surrounding areas so check the accommodations tab of our web sight.  

Area       936 terrestrial acres - 54,000 marine acres
Max. Elevation       n/a
Temperature       Ranges from 60ºF to 90ºF
Precipitation       70 to 120 inches annual average
Location       Guanacaste Province, North Pacific Region
Created        9 July, 1991

National Reserves and Refuges around Las Baulas National Park include Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge, Bahia Junguillal Refuge, Costa Esmeralda Refuge and Iguanita Refuge.  

Photo: By Mariordo (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons