Golfito is located in the South Pacific Region on the mainland of the Golfo Dulce. In the early 1990's Golfito became a duty-free zone for the residents of Costa Rica, allowing them to purchase items without paying the normal taxes. This step by the government boosted the overall economy in this southernmost zone, as restaurants and hotels began to appear. 

Today, Golfito is a busy town and can offer visitors a variety of accommodations, shopping, restaurants and tours. Because Golfito Bay is protected by much of the severe weather on the Pacific, it has become a haven for boating and fishing enthusiast.  You will find beaches to sun on, forests to hike in, and plenty of water for your activities.

Things to Do

Charter one of the numerous boats and spend the day offshore fishing.

Take a day trip down to Pavones and find world class surfing.

Spend a day at the beach and combine it with a visit to the Golfito Nature Reserve.

Take a boat tour to Drake Bay and play on pristine beaches.

Take a tour of Corcovado National Park - known as the last frontier.

Find amazing beaches, forest, and wildlife.

Raft down Rio Claro for the afternoon and join the lively bar scene in the evening.

Local Attractions

Drake Bay, Corcovado National Park, La Amistad National Park, Drake Bay, Golfito Nature Reserve


Photo Contributions by:"Dirk Van Der Made" [DirkvdM] [sunset golfito] under CC license, "Kuma Chan" [stairway to the sea] under CC license, "Philippe Guillaume" [Costa Rica] under CC license