Food in Costa Rica

Costa Rican food is not flamboyant or flashy but most typical dishes are healthy and delicious depending on the way it is prepared. Meat, rice, beans, fruit and salad make up the majority of the menus in tico restaurants (called sodas) and are common on the menus of many other restaurants regardless of what they specialize in. While every soda will have these items on their menu's, some add fresh carrots, broccoli, cauliflower or peas which enhances the flavor immensely. Spicy foods are not common but you will have a variety of sauces on the table ranging from sweet to spicy.

Quick facts about typical Costa Rican Food

Costa Rican food is referred to as "Comidas" 

Casado - the word means "marriage" and is a mixture of meat, fish or chicken, rice, beans, cabbage salad and may have a plantain or piece of fruit with it.

Gallo Pinto - This is a mixture of rice and beans.

Olla de carne - a delicious stew made with beef, potatoes, carrots, chayote, plantains and yucca.

Platano - Large banana that is sweet but can't be eaten raw. It is fried and usually added to Casado as a side.

Patacones - mashed and fried Platano, sprinkled with salt. Most will serve a refried bean or salsa topping with it.  

Frutus Bebidas - Mixed fruit drinks served with water (ague) or milk (leech) and comes in a variety of fruit flavors. You can order this "Mixto" and you will get a combination of fruits instead of one.

Ceviche - Raw fish marinated in lime juice with finely chopped peppers and served with homemade chips or crackers. Offered in most sodas or you can buy it from a street vendor.

Breakfast - Pinto Gallo ( beans and rice) an egg, sour creme and corn tortillas.

Typical Fruits offered include papaya, pineapple, melons, bananas, mammon chino, carambola, and maranon.

The Caribbean Food has a definite flair to their cuisine using spices, fruit and coconut milk. Grated coconut is used in many deserts and cakes while coconut milk is used to mix dry ingredients in almost every recipe. 

Quick facts on Caribbean Food

Pati - A spicy meat pie in the shape of a turnover.

Rondon - Fish soup with plantains, breadfruit, spices and peppers.

Akee - a spongy african fruit that is sauteed with salted cod.

In other specialty restaurants, the chefs get real creative with the fresh fruits and vegetables to present some amazing dishes. You have a wide selection of food when you visit Costa Rica and referring to our restaurant tab will give you an idea of the cuisine offered.