Flowers of Costa Rica

Describing the flora in Costa Rica can be summed up as simply astounding, abundant and unbelievable. With over 9000 species of higher plants, over 800 of the fern family, 1500 registered species of orchids and over 2000 types of bromeliads, how else could it be described.  When you begin to understand the real facts about the flora found in Costa Rica you realize the diverse Eco Systems found here.  The eco systems not only allow the wildlife to thrive in diverse habitats but also the flora which is the primary reason that such a wide variety exists.

With habitats ranging from lowland rainforest, tidal mangrove swamps, to dry tropical evergreen and deciduous forests, it is no wonder that Costa Rica has one of the largest variety of flora found anywhere in the world. Even fewer people know that Costa Rica is a main supplier for florists all over the world with enormous shiploads leaving the country from the port in Limon all year round. Used for weddings, special events, banquets or simple table settings worldwide, few people realize that the beautiful flora originated from the small country of Costa Rica.

One of the most popular flower gardens to tour are the Arenal Botanical Gardens which feature over 2000 species of wild and cultivated plants.  If you are an orchid enthusiast, you will want to visit the Lancaster Gardens near the city of Cartago which features over 850 species of native and imported orchids. The Botanical Gardens of Sarchi are located at the base of Poas Volcano giving you an opportunity to see both attractions easily. The Paz Waterfall Gardens are amazing tours with both flora and waterfalls that will blow your mind. Other note worthy gardens to tour are the Orquideas de Monteverde and Jardin de Las Guarias in Palmares, the largest private gardens in Costa Rica. Tours are offered through approved guides.

In traveling around Costa Rica and visiting some of the different sights it is impossible not to notice the flora. Learning about each eco system will give you a heads up on what you can expect to find in regards to both flora and fauna for each area. Enjoy the sights and don't forget your camera.

© Hugoht | Matthew Kritzer