Barbilla National Park

Barbilla National Park -  On the way out of San Jose near Siquirres, you can find one of the entrances to Barbilla National Park which spans parts of the Provinces of Limon and Cartago Province.   Costa Rica includes it's 29,500 acres as a part of the Talamanca - La Amistad Biosphere Reserve even though it retains it's national park status.  The park was strategically chosen to ensure that the forests of the Caribbean slopes and the surrounding Talamanca Mountain Range could be protected as well as enjoyed by visitors.  

Secluded parts of its land mass were also set aside to protect the historical home of the indigenous Cabecar Indian group. These indigenous natives live very close to how they did hundreds of years ago.  Their small villages do not have running water or electricity, they do not speak Spanish but have their own language, and are pretty much cut off to civilization as you and I know it.  There are many trails that will wind you through the visitor areas of the park which give the opportunity to see scattered wildlife and vibrant flora natural to the area.  While there are no accommodations or resources for food, there is an administrative building located in Brisas de Pacuarito with water and restrooms. It is recommended that park guides be utilized for extensive hikes anywhere off the regular hiking trails.

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Area                        29,500 acres

Max. Elevation      Cerro Tigre 5,300'

Precipitation          140 - 180 inches annually

Location                 Cartago and Limon Provinces

Created                  16 March 1982

Photo Credit: By Natox (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons