Arenal National Park

Arenal National Park is located 80 miles north of  San Jose and is the most active volcano in Costa Rica as well as one of the 10 most active in the world today.  Arenal displays lava flows and ash clouds most of the year, so it is the perfect attraction no matter what time of year you visit this remarkable area.  The park is adjacent to the country largest hydroelectric project, the Arenal Lake Dam and is covered with primary cloud and rainforest.  As expected in primary forest, it has many woundrous waterfalls, flora, and thermal hot springs to enjoy, as well as some exotic wildlife.



Near the volcano you will find an auditorium and an exhibition hall that holds informative history and details about this beauty of nature. Because Arenal attracts so many visitors to its area, there are many choices in accomodations, restaurants, tours, and transportation.  If your view of Arenal is by boat, 4 wheelers or hiking the many trails, you will not be disappointed.


Area   30,000  acres
Max. Elevation   5,436 feet Volcano Summit
Temperature   Ranges from 75ºF (in the high altitudes) to 90ºF
Precipitation   up to 200 inches annual average
Location   Guanacaste Province, North Pacific Region
Date of Creation   6 November 1991

National Reserves and Refuges around Arenal National Park include Curi Cancha Refuge, Alberto Manuel Brenes Biological Reserve, and  Penas Blancas Refuge.

Photo Credit: By Scott Robinson (Clearly Ambiguous) from Rockville, MD, USA (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons