Costa Rica Transfers

What is better than having a chauffeur drive you to your destination while you sit back and take in the beauty of Costa Rica. When you hire a private transfer that is exactly what you are getting and you may be surprised that it won't break the bank.  Transfers will meet you at the airport or hotel and take you anywhere you heart desires. Another great thing about transfers is that the driver usually knows a great deal about the area your passing through and can offer some great stories and insight. Follow this link to see a list of Costa Rica transfer services.

Helpful Hints when Booking

  1. Ask how much to get you to your destination - sounds obvious but you would be surprised
  2. Ask what type of vehicle you will be traveling in, including year, make and model.
  3. Ask if there is A/C in the vehicle
  4. Ask if it stops at any tourist attractions
  5. Are any beverages or meals included
  6. How long is the ride
  7. How long has the company been in business
  8. Are there any discounts available