Beaches - North Caribbean Region

The North Caribbean Region is not known for its beautiful beaches but more for the turtles that lay there eggs along them and the canals that wander inland from the coast. This is an extraordinary area filled with fun things to do and see. Don't skip this area because there aren't that many beaches, just go enjoy them in other areas and come enjoy this area for the rivers, wildlife, nesting turtles, and other natural wonders realized through the diverse eco system found here. This is a good area with the extra time on your hands to get to know the local tico's, enjoy some of the local cuisine and understand a little more about Costa Rica.

Tortuguero is often a deserted beach but features a major nesting ground for turtles including the leatherbacks, loggerheads, hawksbill and most frequently the green sea turtle. The ocean waters are filled with Tarpin and other sea life.

Parismina is a small island surrounded by healthy river systems and the rich Caribbean waters making it a great place to watch the nesting turtles and do a bit of sports fishing. The beaches are rough and not ideal for swimming or surfing but there is a lagoon named Barrita on the south side of the island that is perfect for swimming.