Northern Plain Region

The Northern Plain Region of Costa Rica contains flat farmland where cattle ranchers and Costa Rican cowboys have roamed for centuries,  protected areas for the abundant  wildlife, hidden lagoons, wondrous waterfalls and raging rivers. The eco systems found on the fertile plains play home to endangered and migratory birds, mammals, reptiles and a wide array of wildflowers seldom scene in other regions.

Making up one fifth of Costa Rica's land mass, the Northern Plains, or llanuras, are a sudden terrain change from the backdrop of the Northern Highlands mountain terrain that looms in the background. The Northern Plains extend the entire length of the Rio San Juan creating the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to a funnel shape all the way to the North Caribbean coast. Westward, the cattle ranches, citrus and banana plantations are dotted along the terrain as you travel which make wonderful stops to horseback ride or take a tour of the plantations.  Numerous rivers run through the plains created from the sudden drop of water from the highlands above creating great resources for sightseeing, gorgeous waterfalls and rafting adventures.

Things To Do

Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui is the gateway to many National Parks and Reserves. Experience it's abundant biodiversity while white water rafting, hiking or other adventure tours. 

Birders and Nature lovers will enjoy the most valuable wetlands in Costa Rica of Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. Endangered and migratory birds mingle with a wide variety of wildlife

Main Attractions / Towns

Braullio Carrillo National Park San Carlos
La Selva Biological Station Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui
Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve Santa Cruz

Getting Around

Check the bus schedule or find a private transfer to whisk you off to another adventure.

Where To Go From Here

The Cloud Forest Region is just to the south and if full of activities and things to do. If you are needing a touch of culture and exciting nightlife, find you way to San Jose and take in a show at the National Theater or see history up close at a museum. The North Caribbean Region is home to protected lands where turtles come to lay their eggs. 

Photos Contributed by - James Tanch [Costa Rica's Guanacaste Plains] under CC License,  EverJean under CC license, "Ever Jean" [Costa Rica. On the Chocolate Tour] under CC license