North Pacific Region

The North Pacific Region of Costa Rica is famous for it's beautiful beaches and is a well known tourist destination. World class fishing, powerful waves and countless days of sunshine that end with spectacular sunsets characterize the region.  Small fishing villages dot the shores of the region but some have given way to large luxury golf resorts and beach front hotels around Tamarindo. Heading away from the beaches you will find magnificent volcanos, sweeping savannas and large areas of farmland that play host to the areas distinct flora and incredible wildlife.

Things To Do

Sport Fishing is one of the most popular activities of the region. Boats head out from the Papagayo and other ports in search of sail fish, tuna, wahoo, and more. 

Relax and enjoy an umbrella drink at one of the all inclusive resorts that are scattered along the pristine beaches

Surf one of the many world class waves of the gold coast. Ollies Point, Witches Rock, and Playa Grande are stand out spots. If you want to learn this exciting sport visit one of the surf schools in the area. 

Swim in the copper filled waters of Blue Lake Waterfall  or hike up a volcano in Rincon de la Vieja National Park.

Work on your golf game at one of the best courses in Costa Rica. Beautiful surroundings and expansive views of the Pacific Ocean are sure to inspire you.

Get your adrenalin pumping on one of the Adventure Tours available in the area.

Main Attractions / Towns

Barra Honda National Park Guanacaste National Park Lomas Barbudal Biological
Ostinal National Wildlife Refuge Papagayo Playa Avellanas
Playa del Coco Playa Conchal Playa Flamingo
Playa Grande Playa Hermosa Potrero
Playa Tamarindo Tamarindo National Park Santa Rosa National Park


Where to Stay

Accommodations in the North Pacific range from "fit for a king" to "fit for a surfer". Beach front rentals and luxurious resorts share the spectacular coastline and often rest in areas with exciting nightlife. 

Where To Go From Here

You will find it hard to leave the North Pacific Region but a wonderful world awaits along the shores of the Nicoya Peninsula Region and in the cloud covered volcanoes and jungles of the Cloud Forest Region.  Be sure to ask the locals which roads are in the best condition if you are heading south into Nicoya

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