Cloud Forest Region

"If fairies exist, they surely live in the enchanted cloud forests of Costa Rica. "

High elevation mixed with the trade winds that blow from the Caribbean sea creates surreal and seemingly magical land.  If you are sitting somewhere in these majestic mountains when the clouds descend, you are able to get the feeling of actually walking on them.  Stairway to heaven or natures own way of keeping these pristine jungles nourished is a question that may come to mind as you experience the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

The cloud cover acts as a natural fog nourishing the trees, foliage, soil and gives the needed moisture that the species of wildlife rely on. The constant cloud cover produces strange looking trees covered in thick moss, epiphytes which are plants growing on other plant species, and canopy tops that are thick and immense. It is easy to see once you enter the boundaries of a cloud forest that vital acts of nature found within are linked to the stability of the world's climate. This marvel of nature also serves as the sustainability of the diverse eco system found in Costa Rica.

The cloud forest region of Costa Rica lies in the higher altitudes of the Cordillera de Tilaran and stretches southeast to the Cordillera Central. Steady trade winds, abundant rainfall, persistent cloud cover, and temperatures between 11.5 and 23.5 degrees Celsius are standard climate characteristics and one to remember as you change elevations during your travels. There are some wonderful eco-lodges in the Cloud Forest Region that feature yoga and wellness programs.

Things to Do

We have included Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna in the Cloud Forest Region. These areas are close and complement each other very well.  Birdwatch or hike in the rainforest by day and then go watch lava flow from an active volcano.

Take in the flora and fauna at your own pace on a nature hike, or fly through the jungle on a canopy tour. The hanging bridges and aerial tram in the Monteverde rainforest offer excellent opportunities to come face to face with the animals that call the tree tops home. 

Where to Stay

Find accommodations where you can open the windows and sleep in a cloud! What can be better than falling asleep to the calming sounds of the forest? Find the perfect place to stay using our accommodations guide, from small hostels to all inclusive resort style luxury.

Getting Around

Taxis, transfers, and buses are available to take you to your destination. While there have been major road projects in the region, you will still run across some areas, especially at higher elevations, where the road may be damaged due to rain. 

Where To Go From Here

If you are in the area around Monte Verde, Arenal Volcano is a must see. Another attractive option is to head towards the pristine beaches of the North Pacific Region. Tamarindo, Playa Samara and Jaco are just a short, easy drive away. 

Main Attractions / Towns 

Arenal  Lake Arenal
Volcano Arenal  Monteverde
Monteverde Cloud Forest Santa Elena
Sky Tram Hanging Bridges
La Fortuna Hot Springs

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Photos Contributed by: "blmurch" under CC License,  "clearlyambiguous" [Arenal] under CC license , "bdearth" under CC license