Playa Ventanas

Playa Ventanas is one of many amazing beaches found in Costa Ballena Costa Rica but there are a few things that make this secluded beach extraordinary. You will often hear local say that Playa Ventanas is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. We happen to agree. 


Playa Ventanas gets it's name from the caves that stretch from the beach to the open ocean. On low tides,  you can walk all the way through. The acoustics are wild with the sound of swishing water and the laughter that is sure to come from within.  The beach itself is gorgeous yet untamed.  There are palm trees, coconuts, and driftwood scattered about the sand. Tons of hermit crabs run around searching for a meal and their next shell.  The palms that are standing tower about the landscape and offer shade and the occasional falling pipa. The waves at Playa Ventanas are usually small because of it's tiny wave window and half moon shape that blocks the majority of ocean swell.  This makes Ventanas perfect for beginner surfers, snorkelers, and swimmers.  Of course,  you always have to be careful of rip tides.



Getting to Playa Ventanas



The short dirt road that takes you from the Costanera to the beach is located just a few hundred yards north and across the street from the gas station in Ojochal. The road is ever changing depending on local rains. Sometimes you can drive to the beach path while other times you can barely get off the Costanera.



Parking at Playa Ventanas


There is a house right off the beach that charges between 1-2 dollars to watch your car, although they are not always there. You can not see cars from the beach if they are parked on the street.  DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN AN UNWATCHED CAR AT ANY COSTA RICA BEACH! This goes double for Playa Ventanas. There are a few thieves in the area that can pick your lock quicker than you can say Pura Vida. Pack for the beach accordingly and carry your valuables with you.