Nauyaca Waterfall

Awesome is the first word that comes to mind when someone asks me to describe Nauyaca Falls. This two tiered waterfall cascades down almost 400 feet of rock before splashing into a huge pool at the bottom. All this takes place in a jungle setting that still seems untouched by humans other than the horse trails that you follow to arrive. Although there are more waterfalls in Costa Ballena than one man can count, Nauyaca is the most majestic of all.



What to Expect


Nauyaca is one of our favorite spots to visit in Costa Ballena. The waterfall is a playground offering many places to jump, rock climb, hike, swim or just sit and relax. The upper tier of Nauyaca is bigger than most other waterfall in Costa Rica.  The breeze created by the falling water whips around and creates a storm like feeling with wet wind and water. You will see rainbows all around if you are standing in the right place. The lower level enjoys a huge, and I mean huge pool. The water can get a little rough with the winds that i mentioned so if you are not a strong swimmer, take floatation or stay out of the middle. The face of Nauyaca is full of holds and platforms that you can jump off of. I can't say it's the safest thing to do, but it sure is fun. Again we feel the need to throw out a caution, Check to make sure how deep the water is before you jump. There are rocks heads that are hidden in some parts of the pool.


Getting to Nauyaca


We recommend getting a guide if it is your first time to Nauyaca. There are tons of tour companies that take visitors to Nauyaca. The preferred way to arrive is by horse. Two of the most popular tours are provided by Bella Vista Lodge which brings people over the mountain from Escalares. While Don Lulu's brings people in from Baru  by guiding them along the river bed. Both of these tours are fantastic if you like horse back riding. If you know the area and are comfortable in the jungle, you can easily hike up the river bed yourself without a guided tour. We have done this trek many times and really enjoy it.



Our advice is....go see Nauyaca Waterfall for yourself.