Cahuita Information

Cahuita is a small beach town located in the South Caribbean Region. Influenced by the majority of the creole residents, the culture influences the language, cuisine and music. The villagers are primarily Rastafarians with long dreadlocks, always have a smile on their face and are very happy when you join in the lively culture that they have created around them. You will hear wonderful Reggae tunes everywhere you visit whether it is a restaurant, beachfront bar or hotel lobby.

Cahuita Beach is a great place to lay back, listen to reggae music and enjoy the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean. You are able to stroll for miles on the tropical palm lined Caribbean beaches between Cahuita Beach and the northern beaches of Playa Grande and Playa Negro. With it's central location to National Parks located in the South Caribbean Region, you can spend several days alone seeing the sights of these marine and forest parks. It is not unusual to take a stroll along the tree lined beach and see monkeys picking at something in the sand. All in all, it is a wonderful place to experience the Caribbean side of Costa Rica with it's spicy flavors found in local restaurants, Marley tunes filling the air and the friendly people.

Things to Do

Take a day tour of Cahuita National Park and experience a little bit of everything - beaches, swimming, food, music and more.

Take a trip to the Tree of Life landmark and learn about the culture and history

Scuba divers will love the diving on the reef and two sunken ships of the coast

Take a fishing charter offshore and bring home your evening meal

Meander on the long sandy beaches and enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling and picnic areas.


Cahuita National Park

La Amistad National Park

Manzanillo National Refuge

Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve

Photo Contribution: [Armando Maynez], [Punta Cahuita] under CC license